GPS devices to improve family life, security, and peace of mind!


Angel Net GPS tracker

are designed to be powerful, reliable, easy to use, and affordable.

1st and only GPS tracker

with Temperature Sensor, Wireless Charging, 7 Days Battery Life, and On the Move Tracking.

  • get REAL TIME location
  • find shortest route to him
  • know the temperature there
  • see the travel history
  • gain insights into his life
  • get speeding alerts
  • set up zones - like home, school, library, park
  • get instant Alerts when the tracker enters or leaves a zone

Exclusive Features - some not found in other trackers

You can also view history of where the Angel Net GPS Tracker has been, with street addresses, and time stamps.  There are also detailed mileage and driving speed reports available.

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​Professional GPS technology and powerful mobile apps shows you the exact address and temperature there.

Show route with constant live tracking and location updates in seconds.

Why do you need Angel Net GPS Trackers?